Wellness Life Sciences creates products developed
to support enjoyment for customers living
a diverse range of lifestyles.


Wellness Life Sciences is a member of the Wellness Group
striving to develop products effective in bringing happiness
into the lives of customers from all walks of life.
We offer our products and information useful for the design of
abundant lives based on wide-ranging data collected
by our information network at the Wellness Group focused on consumers
and the different stages of our distribution channels.
We intend to continue creating products that support the health of our customers.

Greeting from the Representative Director

Earlier in my career as a salesperson, I spent about 15 years visiting drug stores all over Japan to sell Wellness Japan products specialized in health and beauty. I made many mistakes along the way, but year by year gained the confidence and trust of thousands of customers. Many of the people I met as a salesman remain precious assets for Wellness Japan and me personally to this day.
In my work with various products as a salesperson, an urge to make products from scratch bubbled up within me. With the blessing of my higher-ups, I established Wellness Life Sciences, a company specialized in the development and manufacturing of health foods and diet foods within the Wellness Japan Group. Creating products involves significant responsibilities. Product liability of course is one, not to mention the reasonable assurance that the products will sell. We are devoted to creating products people are always happy to purchase. After a customer purchases a Wellness Japan product, we want her to look back and say: - “I’m glad I bought it!” - “That was a good product!” - “I’m going to buy that again!”
The health food industry, meanwhile, is changing from what it has been in the past. Promotion channels such as television advertising are no guarantee of sales. As consumers devote their attention to diversifying forms of content, the issue becomes reliably communicating the benefits of our products to every potential buyer in the market. To do so we must detect the market trends ahead of competitors and beat them to market with the release of higher-quality, less expensive products. By winning good positioning on the shelves of as many stores as possible, we succeed in providing products to every customer who stands to gain from what we offer. We are committed to continuing with the development of products that bring satisfaction to as many people as possible and win their loyalty as fans of Wellness Life Sciences products. I and my company plan to grow and evolve at a faster pace to succeed further in enriching the lives of our customers with health and smiles every day. Atsushi Shimada, President and Representative Director

Company name Wellness Life Sciences Co., Ltd.
Establishment date January 2015 (Year of Heisei 27)
Address 3763 Mikajiri, Kumagaya City, Saitama Prefecture
Capital 9 million yen

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