For the healthy and beautiful lifestyle of every person


As its name conveys, the Wellness Japan Group is committed to
contributing to total healthcare in Japan by supplying various products and services
to support the healthy and beautiful lifestyles of all people.
To achieve this commitment more vigorously than ever,
the Wellness Group established a new framework to promote its businesses in 2015.
The five companies of the group promote business organically
by linking manufacturing functions to logistics, distribution, and overseas operations.
By harnessing synergies created through organic linkage,
we aim to achieve the qualities and strengths described below.

Wellness Japan Group will continue providing products and services developed
from the heart to support the happy, healthy, abundant, diversified lifestyles of all people.

Business Outline

Group Corporations Wellness Japan Co., Ltd.
Wellness Life Sciences Co., Ltd.
Wellness Beaute Inc.
Sapri-Bank Co., Ltd.
Wellness International Co., Ltd.
Head Office Location 3763 Mikajiri, Kumagaya City, Saitama Prefecture
Number of employees 50 people (for corporate group)
Business descriptions ・ Vendor business operation
・ Private Brand (PB) business operation
・ Electronic Commerce (EC) business operation
・ Overseas business operation


January 2000 Wellness Japan Co., Ltd. established.
April 2001 Development of private brand health food product begins.
March 2004 First-time participation as an exhibitor at the Japan Drugstore Show.
October 2005 Company head office relocates from Yorii Town to 3763 Mikajiri, Kumagaya City, Saitama Prefecture in order to improve head office functions.
March 2006 Distribution Center established in Kazo City of Saitama Prefecture.
September 2006 Sapri-Bank Co., Ltd. established.
October 2007 Kansai Distribution Center established in Osaka City.
January 2010 Wellness begins working with cosmetic products to expand the scope of products handled beyond health food field.
October 2010 Kansai Distribution Center relocated to Sakae City of Osaka Prefecture.
July 2011 Sales Promotion Center established.
September 2011 First-time participation as an exhibitor at the Gift Show.
November 2011 Tie-up with the “Girls Award,” the largest fashion event for girls in Japan, as a first-time exhibitor.
May 2012 Osaka Office established in Osaka City.
July 2012 “Medical Shine” released in collaboration with Toho Shinki (TVXQ). Japan-wide television commercials aired.
November 2013 Tie-up with the Japanese fashion model Saeko to release a cosmetic brand. Japan-wide television commercials aired.
October 2014 Wellness International Co., Ltd., established.
November 2014 First-time participation as an exhibitor at Cosmoprof Asia 2014.
January 2015 Wellness Life Sciences Co., Ltd. established.
February 2015 Cyber Drive Inc. incorporated into the Wellness Japan Group.
February 2015 The corporate name “Cyber Drive Inc.” changes to “Wellness Beaute Inc.
June 2016 Wellness International Co., Ltd. enters the Asian market.
May 2016 Showrooms established in Japan (Tokyo), Taiwan (Taipei) and Korea (Seoul).
November 2016 First-time participation as an exhibitor at the Japan Booth at Cosmoprof Asia 2016.


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